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Note:  “(ON)” indicates a momentary function.  (spring loaded like a horn)

Rocker Switch Selection Matrix

FunctionTypeTerminalsPoles/throwLight TypeInd. lightsDep. lightsPart Number
ON-OFFRocker3SPSTwhite incndscnt-1V1D1-B60B
ON-OFFRocker4SPSTwhite incndscnt11V1D1-G66B
ON-OFFRocker6DPSTwhite incndscnt11VAD1-G66B
(ON)-OFFRocker4SPSTwhite incndscnt1-V2D1-A60B
(ON)-OFFRocker4SPSTblue LED1-V2D1-AX0B
(ON)-OFFRocker4SPSTred LED1-V2D1-AC0B
ON-OFF-ONRocker7DPDTwhite incndscnt-2VJD1-D66B
ON-OFF-ONRocker4SPDTwhite incndscnt-2V6D1-D66B
ON-OFF-ONRocker10DPDTwhite incndscnt2-VJD2-U66B
(ON)-OFF-(ON)Rocker8DPDTwhite incndscnt1-VLD1-A60B
(ON)-OFF-(ON)Rocker8DPDTblue LED1-VLD1-AX0B
(ON)-OFF-(ON)Rocker8DPDTred LED1-VLD1-AC0B
(ON)-ON-OFFRocker6DPDTwhite incndscnt11VMDJ-G66B
ON-OFF-(ON)Rocker5SPDTwhite incndscnt1-V7D1-A60B
ON-ONRocker5SPDTwhite incndscnt1-V4D1-A60B

The switch bodies are the best place to start, so that when you design your custom actuator you know whether to add a bottom lens or not. We suggest creating a list of all the rocker switch labels you need down a sheet of paper.  Then beside each label determine what switch function is should have.  For instance your “horn” switch might be an (ON)-OFF, the “rock lights” switch would be ON-OFF, and an RV’s slider switch might be (ON)-OFF-(ON).

Now that you’ve got the list, us the rocker switch selector above to sort and find the right switch body.  Click on the link and verify the switch will work for your needs, note whether is should have a bottom lens or not, then add it to your cart.

Now you’re ready to use our actuator design wizard to create all your actuators… just check them off your list as you add each to your cart!

If you’re not sure if you need an independent or dependent light rocker switch, please see our article on the subject.