Custom Rocker Switch Covers

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We make custom, laser marked rocker switches, with NO minimum!

You choose your symbol, you type your own text.

custom rocker switch covers
Carling V-series rocker switch features listed with callouts

1. Rocker Switch Served Industries

Rocker switches are everywhere… cars & trucks, boats, golf carts, RVs, ATVs, appliances, industrial machinery, and the list goes on.  Nearly every device or platform that uses Direct Current uses some form of a switch, and very popular among those are rocker switches.

One of the most abundantly used rocker switch is the often-copied “V-Series” manufactured by Carling Technologies.  Carling’s V-series rocker is robustly built, reliable, flexible, and beautifully simplistic.  For these reasons it is very, very popular and can be found in tons of vehicles and devices.

Carling’s V-series rocker is robustly built, reliable, flexible, and beautifully simplistic.

Carling’s V-series rockers are the creme of the crop (and we’ve tested tons of them).  The variety of contacts, functions, and perhaps most importantly – the interchangeable switch actuators – make a for a truly flexible dc switch solution.

2. The Problem with Printed Covers

Until recently the best way to label rocker switches was to print onto the actuator with ink.  This works fine, but means that expensive and time consuming switch screening plates have to be manufactured.  To gain economy, printing must be done in large volume.

The result is limited labeling selection.

The result is limited labeling selection, with consumers going to distributors or printers with limited inventory (No one can print and stock every possible label).  This left consumers hunting for hours – either online or on the phone – hoping to find the rocker switch labels they needed.  And more often than not, when they found a place that had most of their actuator labels that one little label was missing (sound familiar?).


An old switch panel containing unlabeled and mis-matched rocker switches
Type any text to build your custom switch cover

3. Our Innovation – Custom Etched Rocker Covers

Rocker Switch Pros has done something truly innovative that solves the limited selection problem.  We’ve developed a proprietary process to customize a unique label onto a Carling V-series rocker switch cover that is fast and affordable in low volumes.

Create unique and durable labels quickly and affordably.

It’s accomplished by computer controlled laser etching technology.  Unlike printing with ink that requires lots of setup – with laser etching – we can create unique and durable labels quickly and affordably.

4. Our Design Engine & Instant Simulation

Sounds good right?  But how would you submit your custom designs to be etched?  We’ve created a sophisticated – but easy to use Design Engine – where anyone can develop and order custom actuators right from our website.  Our Design-Wizard allows customers can actually see a rendering of the custom rocker switch covers prior to ordering.  Using the custom actuator designer you can customize the color of your switch.

Actually see a rendering of the custom rocker switch

It comes stocked with over 200 switch symbols for all the common loads – with more being added all the time.  You can type any text you desire into two text lines to define your switch function textually.  You can rotate the actuator printing, to be etched either as a vertical or horizontal rocker switch label.  Finally, depending on the V-series rocker switch body you have planned, you can add an additional etched actuator lens, or third line of text at the bottom.

screen shot of symbol options for our custom rocker switches

5. Another Advantage to Etched Rocker Covers

Okay, so the custom rocker switch covers are cool, but there’s another big advantage to etching switches vice printing.  When you remove material via etching, vice adding material via printing, it also allows a really stunning backlighting capability with real-night-readability.

Allows a really stunning backlighting capability

The light produced from the lamp in the switch body appears only where the rocker cover has been etched.  Read a thorough description on night readability of custom etched switch actuators here.

night readable rocker switch primer
before and after image submitted by customer

Submitted by Claude L, Quebec, Canada

” here are pics of before and after the new actuators, Thanks a lot you have excellent customer service response! “

6. What Our Customers Are Saying:

I have repurposed switches on our boat and had been suffering with mislabeled switches for a couple of years. I found Rocker Switch Pro’s and decided to give them a try. The online configuration of the cover was easy and the product shipped next day. For a price just a couple of dollars more than a standard cover, you can’t beat this service. I am now going to order some custom covers in a configuration that they don’t offer yet. They offer this service as well so just let Eric know what you need and he will be happy to help. This is great customer service and a great product. Many thanks. Dan
Ordered on a Monday night. Got an email on Tuesday that they were completed and had shipped. Received them on Thusday. Great looking product. Cannot wait to head down to my boat and install them this weekend. Thanks again.
I stumbled across the Rocker Switch Pro website while researching switch options for my jeep wrangler. (See attached Photos). The availability to create and view your switch online before ordering is great. Ordering was very easy, delivery was very fast, packaging was very protective and the product is excellent! By the way, I told my wife the “Danger Ejection” button was for her….She didn’t see as much humor in that as I did. So go ahead and order the Rocker Switches. I’m trying to find something else I need a switch for so I can order more!!
Tony G
Perfect fit for my boat! Upgrade for my switches and actuators. Eric & his staff are very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with. Definitely will be buying more products from them again!