Carling Rocker Switches-V-Series

Carling Rocker Switch (V-series) P/N's Explained Below we'll explain everything you ever wanted to know about Carling V-series options and part numbers Have you ever been stuck trying to find the correct V-series Carling rocker switches (often called contura)?  You're at the right place.  We're going to walk through the sometimes complicated, yet [...]

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Night Readable Rocker Switches

How we make Night Readable Rocker Switch Covers Key: Subtractive vs. additive manufacturing 1.  THE PROBLEM – LOOK FAMILIAR? Your V-series contura switches probably look fine during the day (unless the ink has worn off).  They are legible, readable, probably even have an ISO symbol identifying the load.  But all too [...]

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Custom Rocker Switch Cover (actuator)

Custom Rocker Switch Covers Bottom Line Up Front: We make custom, laser marked rocker switches, with NO minimum! You choose your symbol, you type your own text. START DESIGNING NOW 1. Rocker Switch Served Industries Rocker switches are everywhere… cars & trucks, boats, golf carts, RVs, ATVs, [...]

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Difference between Independent and Dependent Lamps

Independent vs Dependent Rocker Switch Lamps Whether LED or Incandescent, there is a fundamental difference between Independent vs Dependent rocker switch light types.  The root of the question is how is the lamp triggered (illuminated): An Independent lamp can illuminate "independent" of the rocker switch's position.  Meaning that the switches does not HAVE to be ON [...]

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What is the “Bottom Lens” on an actuator?

Our custom actuators have an option for a "Bottom Lens".  This means we will etch a small oval at the bottom of the contura V actuator.  This lens allows light to pass through the actuator from the lamp inside the switch body behind. Now, you'll only want to choose this option if your switch body [...]

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How To Remove Actuators From the Switch Body

How to Remove a Rocker Cover (Actuator) from the switch body The cover part of a rocker switch is called an actuator.  It snaps onto the switch body and creates a complete unit.  These actuators snap on there pretty tight so it doesn't accidentally fall off. But it's really common (in fact, advantageous) to move around, [...]

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