Custom Rocker Switch Cover   

Design-Your-Own Custom Rocker Switch.  See an instantly simulation above.

1. Custom Rocker Switch Covers (Switch Body Not Included)

We custom etch our rocker switch actuators to order.  100% unique to you!

Use the fields above to add any symbol and your own unique text to this custom actuator (switch cover) to perfectly identify each rocker switch.  See instant – real time – model of what your custom rocker switch will look like!

Read more about how we custom etch our switches.

custom rocker switch actuator design interface screenshot

2. Laser Etched, Not Printed

Our rocker actuators are NOT printed.  They are custom laser etched – the symbol and text itself illuminates!

The lamps in the switch body make the etchings glow only where we have etched away the opaque surface.  They make your switches truly night readable.  It is vastly superior to printing on top of a lens.

Read more about how the switches illuminate.

Custom rocker switch shown with white backlighting and laser engraving

3. Two Lamp Switches Allow Backlighting

When our rocker switch covers are paired with a two lamp switch (like this onedash backlighting becomes possible.

In this image the Nav/Anc switch is used to trigger the lamps in all the other switches.

See the oval at the bottom?  That’s the indicator light.  The indicators are tied to the custom rocker switch position (they are a dependent lamp read more here) and only illuminate when the switch is on.

Custom Rocker Switch Shown Illiminating other rocker switches when turned on

4. Will Your Custom Covers Fit My Switch?

This actuator will fit any rocker switch on this website.  The old covers can be popped off and exchanged easily with this simple removal tool.  Making a truly custom rocker switch for your vehicle.

Our covers are a Genuine Carling part, but will fit any contura rocker switch made by Carling, Blue Sea Systems, Cole Hersee, Sierra, etc.   Our custom actuators are V (roman numeral 5) style, but will replace any “contura” family actuator… meaning Contura II, III, IV, V, VI, VII or XIV.

These styles are BY FAR the most common out there, so 95% chance it will fit your rocker switch!  When in doubt, send a photo to: and we’ll let you know if it will fit.  Remember, we have a Satisfaction Guarantee to refund one test cover if it does not fit.

5. What is Included?

This product is the “Actuator” (or switch cover) only.  You’ll want to select the appropriate Carling V-Series rocker switch body for each actuator to make a complete switch unit.

The switch cover’s are easy to swap out.  See instructional video above.

Rocker Switch Pros can customize a rocker switch to fit your exact needs.  Our unique process allows totally custom rocker switch actuators to be made in one-off volumes by actually etching your preferred symbol and/or specific text into the switch face.

The color of the lighting behind the actuator is determined by the light within the switch body.

the reverse side of a custom rocker switch cover - actuator

6. How Long Do they Take?

Even though this product is custom made specifically for you, we’ve worked very hard to slash our lead times.  Standard lead time is 24 business hours to ship.  Orders placed prior to 9am eastern often ship the same day!

Misc Additional Info:

  • Rocker Switch Pros can create completely custom, human proofed custom rocker switch covers to fit your exact needs.  Cost is $30 each, or $25 + $12 each for multiple.  Please submit a sketch of what you need here.
  • The etchings in in the actuator are a natural white color.  The actual color of the illumination is determined by the light within the switch body behind each actuator.
  • Images above are computer renderings of your switch, minor variations may occur